Bankruptcy Do's and Don’ts

The following is a brief list of things you should be doing or not doing if you are planning to file for bankruptcy.

If you fail to abide by these instructions, it may result in delay, significant expense, or loss of property during the administration of your case. It may, in some cases, even result in bankruptcy relief being denied by the court. 

So, please read the lists very carefully and follow the recommendations.


    * Save all financial documents, including:
          o Tax returns going back at least three years
          o Bank Statements, even if you closed the accounts
          o Pay stubs going back seven months
          o W-2s or other evidence of income (1099's, etc.)
          o Most recent billing statement from each creditor and collection agencies
    * Maintain regular timely payments on any collateralized loans that you wish to keep the collateral for. In other words, if you have a mortgage or car payment and you intend to keep the house or car, you must remain current on the payment (unless you already defaulted)..
    * Please alert us if you are not current on a collateralized loan at the time that we are preparing your case for filing.

Do Not:

    * Use any of your money to pay back relatives, friends, or other “insiders” for money that you borrowed from them.
    * Allow anyone to give you property of significant value prior to your case being filed. This is not the time to let your boyfriend buy you a car.
    * Give away any of your belongings (unless it's to a recognized charity and you keep the receipt).
    * Pay ahead or pay off balances early on "secured" loans (loans for which there is collateral).
    * Use any credit cards or take any other loans out. Also do not pay on debts you will be eliminating in the bankruptcy.  Credit card use or loans on the eve of bankruptcy look like fraud to a bankruptcy trustee.
    * Transfer any property out of your name.
    * Believe something you read on the internet over your lawyer's advice.  The internet didn't go to law school. The internet does not appear in court..The internet does not take continuing legal education or change web pages fast enought to keep up with changes in the law.
    * Let creditors talk to you or harass you.  Don't panic.  Relax.  Millions of people file for bankruptcy.  Let ME deal with your creditors.

***If you have any questions regarding these matters or are considering violating any of the recommendations, please discuss the matter with Mr. Wolf beforehand so that he may properly advise you of the possible consequences.***   Don't do it first and tell him later - that can be very expensive.
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