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Q: How do I know if I need to file bankruptcy?
A: This is why we have a free consultation for debtors in Hackensack.  We discuss your finances, your history, your goals, and I'll go over your legal options with you, whether debt settlement, debt relief, Chapter 7 liquidation plan, or Chapter 13 wage-earner plan.  All consultations are confidential.  if you are not a bankruptcy, I'll tell you so and why.

Q: Can I keep my car and house in bankruptcy?
A: For the car, usually yes (although if you have a loan, you have to make payments to the auto company). For a house, it depends.  There is a special kind of bankruptcy designed to help you keep your house.  New Jersey lets you keep a lot of things - it's called exemptions. 
Q: What about taxes owed to IRS and taxes on forgiven debt?  
A: If you actually filed a return and the taxes are old enough, you can often get rid of them.  Debt forgiven in bankruptcy is usually not taxable.  If a creditor sends you a Form 1099, you can fill out a form with your bankruptcy case number and discharge papers and the IRS usually accepts this. 

Q: How much do you charge? 
A: It depends - easier cases cost less, harder cases cost more.  The Bankruptcy Court makes us tell them what we charge you and they can review it for fairness. I normally discount my fees from the highest fees I could legally charge, but I don't want to be the cheapest lawyer either.  I tend to have more client contact than other lawyers, I'm easier to reach, I do a lot of pre-filing bankruptcy planning - that means I take on less cases, so my fee has to reflect that.  
Here's answers to some legal questions you may have: 
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Marvin Wolf, Esq.
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My main office is located at Rochelle Park Municipal Complex, 151 West Passaic Street, 2nd Floor, Rochelle Park, NJ just a short 9 minute drive or bus ride from the Central Avenue Courthouse in Hackensack.  Go to WhIte Manna Hamburgers and turn onto Passaic Street - just drive straight until you get to my office.  I have late hours and free parking.  I also have other local offices available to meet clients by appointment.
Don't wait - Court filing fees go up on June 1
Ch 7 -   goes up to $335
Ch 13 - goes up to $310